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The United States Tennis Association in Nevada has become aware that many of our pros, who are sub-contractors, do not have health benefits or workers comp insurance, and are having financial challenges due to tennis being shut down and the recent economic downturn. Tennis pros account for a great deal of the good things that take place in our tennis community.


As the governing body we feel obligated to do our part. To this end we are establishing the “USTA-Nevada coaches relief fund.” As a small non-profit organization with very little revenue streams and a likely challenging year financially, we are going to ask the national USTA and section for possible grants.


We, as a staff, also have decided to match any small or large donation to this fund with our own money, up to $10,000. We have also come up with the idea that all of this Spring's USTA-Adult league revenue can be put into this fund, if the league is played. This gives us as a community an added incentive not to give up on this season, and the playing of this league, even if delayed or in abridged format, a deeper meaning and higher purpose. Both as a sign of being back on the court, and also as a sign of appreciation for our pros who work long hours and don't have the benefits that many corporate or government jobs do. We have also gotten the commitment from the Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation to match the next $10,000. The fund will be used to support coaches, teaching professionals in financial need and clubs to help get their businesses back off the ground. 


If anybody would be willing to make a contribution small or large to this fund, please reach out to Maureen at , or call me personally at 702-822-1081.


Below you will find the description of this fund and how the grants will be distributed.


Ryan Wolfington


United States Tennis Association




WHAT: A fund made possible by USTA NV staff, Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation and the spring adult league fees, 100% of which are being donated to coaches in need and tennis facilities looking to get back in business and in their feet due to the closing of courts and the economic downturn.


WHY: Many coaches and clubs are small business owners with no guaranteed income or work, no insurance benefits and no workers comp insurance. Tennis coaches promote, administer, and grow the game of tennis, and our tennis community at large. They deserve the support of the community they help make possible.


WHO: USTA-Nevada, The Marty Hennessey Inspiring Children Foundation, private donors and sponsors are donating funds to be dispersed through the NTA. USTA-Nevada has appointed Danny Maccanello, President of the USPTA, to chair the Relief Fund Committee. USTA-Nevada Director, Ryan Wolfington, and District League Coordinator, Mary Maragos will be non-voting members. Committee chair Danny Maccanello will choose the four other voting members. These members will approve the final guidelines suggested by the task force, review the applications and decide on the recipients and the amounts that are appropriate. 


HOW: The USTA-Nevada Covid-19 Task Force of pros and leaders will make suggested guidelines and criteria for evaluating and dispersing grants. USTA-Nevada coaches relief fund committee will vote to determine the final guidelines and criteria for evaluating grant applications. USTA-Nevada will charge the committee with a specific amount of funds at the end of the spring league season based on revenue, plus donations, to then be dispersed at the committee’s discretion. The committee will make a few grants in the short term to help people out of their situations they have a 30 day urgency. The committee will then collaborate with USTA Nevada staff and additional donors to determine how these funds can be used to help support coaches, teaching pros and tennis facilities and businesses to get back off the ground. 


WHERE: All coaches that have worked and lived in Las Vegas for one year or more will be eligible to apply through an anonymous optional online application on the USTA-Nevada Facebook page and USTA-Nevada website. This application will also be emailed out to the pros. USTA-Nevada office manager will then put all applications into a PDF for the committee to review. Applicants have the option to be kept anonymous or not. Preference will be given to coaches, pros and clubs with tenure, who support adult league, juniors in need, have a history of volunteerism and overall community support. Special consideration will be given to hardships caused by Covid-19 and other circumstances.

If you would like to apply for the USTA Nevada Coaches Relief Grant, please fill out the application using the link below. Your application will then be reviewed by a Committee of Teaching Pros, and the USTA Nevada Coaches Relief Fund Chairperson, Danny Maccanello.

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